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Great vision techniques along with light whilst in the locked position as well as being a visual treat in the form of collapsible gates.

  • Mostly openings can befit it so it is very effective along being fully opened with gate occupying 15%of it.
  • The Steel Collapsible Gates can be powder coated to any standard RAI color with an integrated multi point locking system.
  • Discreet security window gates for all commercial and residential applications
    Collapsible gates, also known as concertina or lattice gates, offer an ideal combination of a visually effective deterrent and the ability to be discreetly hidden when not in use.
  • A visual deterrent
    Once locked, our high quality collapsible security gates are not only extremely durable, but are also a very effective deterrent against any potential intruder. However, when not in use the collapsible gate slides discreetly out of the way and can be completely obscured from view by curtains or blinds.