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This form of technique involves the Tempered glass as its main constituents with stands as a great or to be precise a unquestionable form of security check which can withstand any form of vandalism .

The process of its architecture involves a strength acquiring mechanism by being put through a heating and rapid cooling process.


  • A Superior outlook
  • Durability longetivity
  • Enhanced thermal and prĂ©cised scratch resistance properties
  • Customer oriented

Its main categorization can be done in two forms:

  • Frameless glass shop fronts
  • Double gazed shop fronts

Laminated Safety Glazing

This feature involves of a sandwich of a thin plastic inner layer with 2 or more sheets of ordinary glass. This medium has the unique ability of Glazing which involves its attachment with the plastic reducing the risk of injury.

Wired / Georgian Glazing

This medium acts an integration of mesh of wires providing a uniqueness of glass holding together upon a forceful impact.

Obscured Glazing

Internal privacy is well versed with this form allowing natural light through but one cannot be seen clearly.

Anti Bandit / Bullet Proof Glass

Safety reaches a new hierarchy of categorization with bullet/blast resistance, anti- bandit glass to include the most talked and desired for.